Studies have shown that knowledge among professionals and lay people generally is very low in how to take care of a dental trauma at the scene of an accident. For a totally knocked out tooth First-Aid could be of vital importance to save the tooth. This Manual will help you to make the best First-Aid decisions already at the scene of an accident.

The app DENTAL TRAUMA is now available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

The Manual shows what to do, and if a visit to a dentist could be delayed or not, when a fragment of the crown is fractured, when there is increased mobility or dislocation of a tooth, or in case of a completely knocked out tooth. The double-sided Manual in A4-format is enclosed in plastic to meet with rough conditions.

The Manual is based upon GuideLines presented by IADT (International Association of Dental Traumatology) and is translated into Swedish, English, Norwegian and Finnish.

Several institutions have bought the Manual:

During 2012

Medley Holding AB (all units)
HC Vita Hästen, Norrköping
Centre of Orthodontics/Pedodontics, Linköping
Child- and youth administration, Kalmar community
Ear- Nose-, and Throat clinic, Linköping University hospital

During 2011

Linköpings Fotboll Club (LFC)
Linköping Hockey Club (LHC)
Public swimming baths in Sweden
School health service in Linköping (all school nurses), Mjölby and Finspång
Special institutions for children with certain needs, Linköping
Sport and health teachers, Linköping
Private schools, Linköping, Kalmar
USA (private person)
The Swedish Guide and Scout Council has shown interest
Central School health service, Norrköping
Söderhamn Community, Söderhamn