Curriculum Vitae (limited edition)

Ulf Glendor

Born 3 of June 1948 in Linköping, Sweden

Main writer of two chapters in Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth 4th ed. Editors: Andreasen JO, Andreasen FM, Andersson L. 2007.

Main writer of the Chapter "Dental Trauma" in Community Oral Health 2nd edition. Editors: Pine C and Harris R. 2007.

Member of International Association of Dental Traumatology (IADT). Member of IADT Education Committee.
Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal Dental Traumatology in the subjects epidemiology, social aspects, education and diagnostics.

Owner of the company "Dental Trauma Ulf Glendor AB"

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On Dental Trauma in Children and Adolescents– Incidence, risk, treatment, time and costs. Linköping University Medical Dissertations Nr 624.


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Title: First aid of dental trauma at the scene of the accident.

Title: Attitudes in Sweden towards the use of tooth- and face guards in ice hockey - a phenomenographic study.

Title: Risk factors for dental trauma; transitioning from knowledge to prevention.– Who is at risk?

Title: Direct and Indirect Time and Costs of Dental Trauma.

Title: Parents - an important resource at traumatic dental injuries (Studie III), Sweden.

Title: Treatment time and type of treatments at traumatic dental injuries (Studie II), Sweden.

Title: Tooth trauma in Sport injuries, Sweden.

Title: Traumatic dental injuries in children and adolescents caused by accidents in Västmanland county - – a study of incidence (Studie I), Sweden.

Title: Cost Effectiveness in Trauma Treatment.


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